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Final Statistics of the WPD 2021

Welcome to the Final Statistics of the World Puzzle Days 2021!

The World Puzzle Days 2021 are finally over and we may call them officially the World Puzzle Lockdown Games. Due to the fact that many players played during lockdown in their country, or while quarantine, we had nearly the same number of players, but a much higher activity from all players.

Let us start watching where we were playing all around the World...

All photos in the stats you can enlarge by a click on them.

Countries 1.jpg
Countries 2.jpg

Most players came from Russia (58), USA (44), Turkey, (32), Poland (22) and Mexico (18). All in all we played in 38 countries and 224 Cities.
To see how many players from all other countries were playing, or how many women, men and teams from every country, please check the photos above.
A very interesting detail is here, that in Italy as the only one country with more players, puzzle playing seems to be a men's hobby.

Following you can see the number of players splitted in women, men and teams. Puzzle playing is like in all years before, too, a hobby to ~85% for women and ~15% for men. This year we had exactly 81% women and 13% men, plus ~3.5% of both, playing in teams.

Players (W,M,T, Percentage and past 3 ye

The activity since 2018 was 248, 298, 312 players, and this year it was to await a number of 345 players. Unfortunatly 38 did not play after their full registration. Unused free places from sponsors lead these players automatically to the last place in line, when we have again 100 free places for the first registrations. Free places should be for players, who really want to play and enjoy WPD.

In our Battle of Sex women and men could get every 12 days 1 point for the gender with more pieces per player.
5 turns (of 12 days) and all turns went on women. 😅 Although men played so very great that with 8,863 pcs/player in the last turn, they would have won on every other turn. But women countered in Turn 5 with 11,529 pcs/player.

So, the results of our Battle of Sexes in 2021 is 5:0 for women. Congratulations! 😀

(Women's tactic worked out. They played so very much, that the organizer had no time to help his gender to win.)

Pieces, Puzzles, Brands.jpg

We have seen in the World Puzzle Days 2021 totally 6,102 amazing jigsaw puzzles from 376 different brands. 188 of these brands have never before seen in the WPD, so we could enjoy many unknown puzzles from all over the World. If you would like to see them all, but you have no Facebook account, no problem. They are all to see also in our forum. All puzzles you can see here also in a table.

6,843,584 puzzle pieces worldwide! This is the highest number we ever have achieved in 60 days!

The WPD runs every year 5,184,000 seconds. So, every 0.75 seconds one of us has found two matching pieces. 🥳 While Parship needs 11 minutes for the same.

And which brands have been our most chosen, on all these 6102 puzzles?


Ravensburger has been again our #1. But Castorland was for the first time since many years very close to interrupt for at least one year Ravensburger's regency. Trefl raised from #7 to #3, Jumbo from #6 to #4. Clementoni and Heye have lost 1 place against last year, Educa has lost 4 places. Educa, who was never higher than on rank 4, had their worst result ever, with this year's 7th place. Buffalo Games and Schmidt won also 1 place and Cobble Hill has lost 2 places. Many players wanted to play a Cobble Hill, but had unfortunately no possibility to buy one, due to empty stores during corona pandemic.

On the photo you can see the other 30 of our Top 40 brands. And to see all 388 brands, please go to Statistics.

Our annual level of activity is always calculated by "Pieces per Player". In all years we had more than last year. But I fear we will not be able to top our this year's activity also next year. Players of the World Puzzle Lockdown Games played incredible 22,291 pieces per player!

Avg. Pieces.jpg
Puzzleglobus 2021-2.jpg

Like every year we had a game in the Games, and players could guess how many pieces we would assemble. The closest guess said "22,000 per player", and this guess came from...


Martina Dvořáková

from the Czech Republic.

Congratulations, Martina!


You have won our Metallic Globus Puzzle Trophyengraved with your name, "WPD 2021" and your number of "8500 puzzle pieces".

The 6,102 puzzles we have seen have been...

  • 5312 puzzles of 1000 pcs,

  •  450 puzzles of 1500 pcs,

  • ​  251​ puzzles of 2000 pcs,

  •    48 puzzles of 3000 pcs,

  •    30 puzzles of 4000 pcs,

  •      8 puzzles of 5000 pcs,

  •      2 puzzles of 6000 pcs and

  •      1 puzzle of 9000 pcs.

Sizes of Puzzles.jpg

And then every player could set a Personal Goal. Let us see at the end, how many players could achieve their goal in the first 60 days of the New Year...
146 players could be encouraged by the World Puzzle Days 2021, to achieve their goal.

Congratulations to all players who have achieved their goal!!

Goal reached 1.jpg
Goal reached 2.jpg
Goal reached 3.jpg
Goal reached 4.jpg
Goal reached 5.jpg

Thank you very much for reading the final statistics of the World Puzzle Days 2021.

After a few weeks of break, rules for 2022 will be written and registration form for the next WPD will be opened. Changes of rules or details will be presented in the group WPD 2022 and here on our website. Besides this I may ask all players and ex-players to join the facebook group WPD Museum as a member, to be tagable on his puzzles. The Museum will be a site where ALL puzzles from ALL WPD will be on one place.


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